Who are the Young Governors?

The Young Governors are a number of children voted by the classes that can make the decisions for the school. We meet every 2 weeks and have a different aim every time we meet. We love to keep the school a great place to be for all the classes (and teachers too!)

The Young Governors are:

Year 6

Saskia and Kai

Year 4/5

Niamh, Logan and Cassie

Year 4

Emily, Che and DJ

Year 3

Raya, George and Harry

Year 2

Kate, Riley and Dec

Year 1

Amira and Alfie


Our Achievements so far :

We sell fruit.

We have a salad bar.

We wear purple sweatshirts and cardigans in Year 6.

We have flowers around our school grounds and have raised beds for flowers and vegetables.

We have outdoor play areas.

We have bike/scooter  racks.

We pushed for clearly labelled recycling bins

We raised money to hopefully provide toast for the whole school at breaktime by doing a Santa Dash


Spring Focus

Raise money for Epilepsy charity

Summer Focus

Flower and plant sale to raise money for school funds